Back To School – 2024

January is an exciting and busy time as millions of children across the country prepare to go back to school. It’s an important time as parents and guardians become attentive to their children’s health and wellbeing for the upcoming year.


With children attending school for more than 200 days each year, it’s important they are aware of their daily habits, like how they wear their backpacks to and from school, as well as their posture in the classroom. It’s these small habits and routines, that if left unchecked, can cause health issues further down the track, especially when it comes down to their growing spines.


The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) has developed a ‘Back to School Health Checklist’ to provide a concise list of daily habits that children can be practising all year round both in the classroom and at home. Impulse Chiropractic invites patients and members of the public to come in and collect the checklist, so they can not only tick off their school supplies list – but their health one as well!


Back to School Checklist:

This checklist is a perfect way to encourage and motivate kids to build healthy habits at school and at home. They are simple to incorporate and easily fit into a child’s everyday routine. For instance, sitting with an upright posture in class, and wearing their backpack correctly.


The Health Checklist also reminds kids to get out and exercise after school, to eat healthy and nutritious meals, and to reduce screen time where possible. The checklist points include:

  • Consult a chiropractor
  • Wear your backpack over both shoulders and secure the waist and chest straps
  • Only pack essential items, and pack the heaviest items closest to the spine
  • Pack a healthy and nutritious lunch and snacks
  • In the classroom, sit with your shoulders back and relaxed, with both feet on the floor
  • Try and reduce screen time where possible
  • Get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day



We are also asking parents if they are concerned about their child’s spine and posture or would like advice on any other back to school related issues, like sizing the backpack, or how to sit properly at their school desks, to consider our chiropractic services. Children aren’t often aware of the impact that common activities like sitting in a classroom, or carrying a heavy bag and excessive screen time, can have on their overall health and wellbeing.


This comes as the ACA launches its annual Back to School campaign, which educates Aussie kids on the importance of maintaining their spinal health and wellbeing throughout the year, especially at school. ACA chiropractors are leading healthcare professionals who can give clear guidance on children’s spinal health as they grow into healthy teenagers and adults.


If you’re concerned about your child’s spine or any other back to school related activities, book an appointment with James Kerr via, or for more information on Back to School, visit

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