Chiropractic & Natural Therapies

Impulse Chiropractic & Natural Therapies

As part of our services at Impulse Chiropractic, we focus on functional and holistic approaches to treating body ailments.

We don’t just want to make symptoms go away. The reason symptoms occur is sometimes due to an underlying cause, and we strive to understand why these occur in the first place, while also going above and beyond to reduce the chances of symptoms coming back in the future.

Why Choose Impulse Chiropractic & Natural Therapies?

We can help by developing treatment and management plans specifically tailored to your unique characteristics and needs.

Impulse Chiropractic provides a person-centric approach, which always guarantees attention to detail through our thorough examinations, ensuring that your needs are always met. We focus on the long-term not the short-term.

Our Range of Services

If you are located in Manly NSW and looking for services relating to your specific concern, we cover a variety of disciplines.

These include chiropractic services such as pregnancy chiropractic techniques, clinical pilates, and exercise therapy to improve range of motion and movement, as well as alternative therapies including cupping and dry needling.

How We Can Help You

Whether you are experiencing common conditions like low back pain, headaches, or experiencing ongoing sports injuries or chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, Impulse Chiropractic & Natural Therapies are determined to give you and other residents of Manly NSW the support you need.

Get in contact with us for a consultation today and we can get to work to help you.