Chiropractor Sciatica Treatment – How it works!

Back pain, muscles spasms or a pinched nerve can feel crippling. If you are feeling a piercing leg pain that runs down the back of your legs, you may be showing signs of sciatica.
Sciatica impacts the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve which runs from the lower back down through the back of each leg. Sciatica often begins with a herniated disk in the lower spine.
Between each vertebra in the spine, there is a connective tissue which acts as a cushioning. Over time this tissue can be worn down or damaged from a sports injury.
Herniated discs often cause pressure on nerves in the spine. Intolerable pain may be experienced when a disc presses the sciatic nerve.

How can a Chiropractor help pressure on the sciatic nerve?

There are many reasons a person may be experiencing sciatic pain. Therefore diagnosing the route of your sciatica is extremely important. Chiropractic treatment focuses on the adjustment of the spine and misaligned joints. Through understanding your medical history, your chiropractor can examine reasons for your pain and present a non-surgical, medication-free treatment.
There are some clear symptoms of sciatica which include:

  • Pain in leg and lower back that increases while sitting
  • A throb or burning sensation that runs down the legs
  • Restricted movement of feet or entire legs without pain
  • Consistent pain on one side of your lower back
  • Intense striking pain which makes it difficult to stand

Sciatic nerve pain can be infrequent or worsen over time. Sciatica is often triggered for various reasons including, exercise injuries from heavy lifting, excess weight or pregnancy. These reasons all may cause pressure or strain on the spine.
Additionally, a slipped vertebrae (known as Spondylolististhesis) places pressure on nerves travelling through the spine. As a result, sciatic pain will felt if the vertebra touches the sciatic nerve.

Here’s how your chiropractor can help treat sciatica:


Spinal adjustment is a specialised skill practised by chiropractors. While techniques vary, the goal of spinal manipulation is to restore the misaligned vertebra to the correct position in the spine. If you are experiencing sciatica from injuries such as slipped discs, chiropractic spinal adjustments may be a solution addressed by your chiropractor.

Hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold pain relief therapy is an anti-inflammatory treatment recommended by chiropractors. If you suffer from sciatica and want to avoid medication, this may be a treatment approach taken by chiropractors.

Chiropractic exercises

A chiropractor will give you the right exercises to help your recovery from sciatica and encourage the spine to strengthen and repair. After correct diagnosis, your chiropractor may implement various exercises in a progressive and controlled manner to relieve the pain. Chiropractic exercises may benefit pain for several reasons including:

  • Muscle growth to remove pressure on spinal discs
  • Relaxing muscles to improve mobility
  • Increase endorphins to activate the body’s natural pain reliever and boost happiness

Healthy habits

Poor postural habits, workplace practices and strain on the back can often instigate back pain and in some cases can impact the sciatic nerve. A chiropractor can help develop healthy habits that look after your body to prevent the occurrence of sciatica. The lifestyle advises your chiropractor educates you with can help you avoid future injury or unnecessary pain.
We understand sciatic pain can feel restricting and often intolerable. This is why finding the correct chiropractor can help manage your sciatic pain. With the acute diagnosis, chiropractic care can help you manage your pain with an effective treatment plan for your situation. Chiropractors are trained to help relieve sciatic pain. Chiropractor sciatica treatment can offer great ways of avoiding impact on the sciatic nerve in future.
If you think you may be experiencing sciatic pain, contact Impulse Chiropractic for expert attention and low back pain treatment today. As Sydney’s trusted Chiropractor on the Northern Beaches, we also assist with jaw pain treatment, neck pain, sports and pregnancy chiropractic. needs. Book online with Impulse Chiropractic today!

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